• Finally, institutional data management that's fully automated. Learn how you can automate your data distrubution.
  • We've streamlined our work, without sacrificing quality.
  • Now we catch mistakes before they happen.
  • Distributing our data has never been easier.
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* The trademarks and logos of the databases listed on the Site are owned by the consultants and third-party databases, and not by Compass.

Benefits of Using ProFusion Data Automation:

Share Your
Data Quickly

ProFusion allows you to populate your data in minutes and hours - not days and weeks.

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Reduce Errors
and Exclusions

ProFusion's quality control systems allow you to review and edit your data before and after your information is transmitted.

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Easy to Use
and Transmit

Transmit your data to all pertinent consultant and third-party databases with a few simple clicks.

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